Organ Donation Misconceptions

I am positive that everyone on planet earth is in favor of saving lives. However, there are misconceptions people have about organ donation that I want to clear up. Do you know that 95% of the adults in the U.S support organ donation? Then why most people refuse to register as organ donors?

There are different reasons why most people refuse to donate their organs. In this article, I will talk about some of the misconceptions some people have regarding organ donation.

Organ Donation Misconceptions:

1st Misconceptions: Some people think that their religion does not condone donating their organs. 

Fact: Most major religions if not all support organ donation as it is considered as saving lives.

2nd Misconceptions: Donating tissue keeps you from having an open-casket funeral.

Fact: Organ donors can still have an open casket funeral. The donation will not impact your funeral service. Transplant surgery is done with the utmost dignity and respect to ensure that your family can still have the service of their choosing.

3rd Misconceptions:  People with bad health should not register as organ donors. 

Fact: Only medical professionals can determine whether your organs are suitable for donation or not. People with bad health records can still donate their organs.

4th Misconceptions: I am too old to be a donor

Fact: There is no age limit for organ donation. At the time of death, medical professionals will evaluate patients on a case-by-case basis to determine which organs are suitable for donation.

5th Misconceptions:   Donating my organs has a cost.

The donor and his family are not charged for any procedures associated with organ donation.

An online survey of 5,100 American adults that was conducted in 2010 by Donate Life America, in partnership with Astellas Pharma US, Inc. The survey found out that:

  •  52% of people believe that if they register as organ donors and god forbid, something bad happens to them, doctors may not try as hard to save their lives.
  • 19% think that they may not be acceptable donors.
  • 61% believe that there is a possibility for a brain dead person to recover from his or her injuries.
  • About 53% of adults who wish to donate their organs do not even know how to register as organ donors.

Register Now As an Organ Donor and Save Lives

Approximately 22 people die while waiting for a vital organ transplant. Giving the people in need the gift of life is the best gift you could give anybody. Do you know that you could save 8 lives by registering as an organ donor? Registering as an organ donor doesn’t cost you anything. It is simple and easy. Register today and save 8 lives.