Lung Donation and Transplant

Lung donation and transplantation is a surgical procedure where a patient’s dead lungs are replaced partially or totally by lungs provided by an organ donor. It is the last resort treatment for patients who have end-stage lung disease and have exhausted all other treatment options without any improvement. Donor’s lungs are usually retrieved from either a living or deceased individual. It is important to indicate that a living lung donor can donate only a single lung lobe. Apart from that, some lung diseases can leave a recipient in need of just one lung. [Read more…]

Why You Should Donate Your Brain to Science

Many people recognize the importance of donated tissue in the medical field. Organ donation has helped save countless lives, giving people with major health issues a second chance at life by replacing failing organs with healthy ones. However, tissue donation is not just necessary to the medical field, but to the field of research as well. [Read more…]

Organ Donation and Religion

Organ Donation is marvelous, and many times it can help people avoid death or any major complications with their health. That being said, organ donation and religion do tend to have a pretty interesting history, and that on its own is well worth mentioning. Some religions are okay with organ donation, while others tend to condone it. [Read more…]

Donation After Cardiac Death

Quite a handful of people knows the meaning of the term “brain dead.” A person is said to be brain dead if his/her brain no longer functions. The term is used more often in various scenarios where it is incorrectly believed that when someone is brain dead, they are not legally dead. [Read more…]

How Organ Matching Works

Organ matching for transplants is a complicated process of testing, made even more complex by the emotional outcomes of saving lives. Since there are more people needing organ transplants than there are donors at any given time. UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing) was created UNOS uses strong policies and a digital network to use objective medical data to give patients the best opportunity for long-term survival. [Read more…]